Sunday, May 03, 2009

Surprise Surprise

With challenge finished I had time to check out updates on the blogs I follow. Boy did I get surprised. I received a Kreative Bloggers award from Melissa of Ardea's Nest. How wonderful of her. I read her post there and I have to post 7 of my favorite things and then give the award to 7 other blogs.

So let's begin
Favorite things
1. Fantasy
2. Beading
3. Wire Work
4. Creating New Things
5. The Members of my Mixed Media Group...Billie, Barb, Heather, Shanna, Di, Melissa, Tracey, Kwit, Terri, the other Heather, and Valarie
6. Dragons
7. Terrorizing my 20 yo daughter

Now the people to nominate

Thanks again Melissa


WickedOakDesigns said...

Wow, thanks a bunch. No off to see if I know 7 people who blog.

Stepping off the edge said...

You are a love! (don't worry I won't tell anyone! DOnt' want to ruin your rep! lol)
Thanks so much!
See ya' in chat!

Daydreamer :) said...

Thanks for the award, Carrie :D
H :)