Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well Harryetta only needs a face now she is painted, fiber wrapped, beaded, and flowered. She will be out in the mail to her new home soon.

I am finishing up the beading on a stick horse that will also be a Christmas present. Once those two are done I can finally do some me time in works.

After the Christmas Rush I plan to try and hunker down and write up some mixed media classes which I have wanted to do for a while. I have started reading again thanks to my wonderful friend Heather and am on the third book of Wicked series called A Lion Among Men. I have to say I'm not sure if I like this one as well as I did the first two. It's not as meaty as the other two and a tad hard to get into.

I also have a couple of projects that have been on hold for a while. One is an altered beaded elephant beanie named Hortense. I will be finished the beading on her and then hopefully by then her Prozac will be working well enough for her to tell me what kind of wings she wants. Yes wings. Hortense has been a testy project with a will of her own at times but will be a great accomplishment for me.

The second project will be a mixed media Winter Tree Spirit I have started named Elora MoonFrost. I found a vase at a thrift store that looked like a tree trunk all white so I painted it a pearl white added some beads so far and thats it. I will be adding beaded leaves and a beaded cabochon face and more goodies to her soon.

The last immediate project is a fairy house made from a small bird house. This is a contest on a a yahoo doll group called Making Dolls. Wonderful and talented bunch of ladies on there. The group has done a lot to spark my imagination and keep me going at times.

Many more projects are planned but still in the planning stages such as more bottle spirits, mixed media projects, maybe some cloth dolls, and some Steampunk done my way.

Until then I bid you adieu and hope everyone has very Happy Holidays.
The Christmas graphic was made by me using Paint Shop Pro. The elf , text, and holly pics are the original creations of Outlawbydesigns. More of her elements can be seen at and . She has some free tubes for download for those of you that work with graphics programs and also has cd's of her work for sale as well as subscription service to her members site to get all of the things she makes for up to a year. All are reasonably priced and beautifully done.


Gail Lackey said...

OOhh so busy!! Tis the Season! The monkey king is so cool!
Happy hauntings, Gail

Carrie said...

Thank you gail. I do tend to try and stay busy snce I cant work plenty more stuff to do or get done lol