Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Looking to the New Year

The year is almost over and a new one starting. New stuff here and everywhere. Starting in February I will be teaching a Bottle Spirit Class on the Class Heaven website. If the classes go well and do well I will most likely be doing more classes. I already have lots of ideas. I also plan to work on doing beading contests that I have wanted to do and didnt have the time for. Im planning some Steampunk pieces and some more art dolls both beaded and wrapped. And more bottle spirits and sculpts done with UTEE.

I will also be working on creating cloth dolls and trying to get comfortable with sculpting clay. Hoping to create some new things to put up on website for sale as well as some of the old stuff that I still like.

For those that dont know what a Bottle spirit is here is a picture. And check out Lisa has classes and some supplies also. Heck sign up for my class if you feel froggy lol.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, Your Spirit Bottles are great! Are these very small bottles? We have a vineyard and I would love to add to some of our wine bottles~but that would probably over-the-top. Anyway, I will most likely sign up for your class.

Carrie said...

This is for RuthAnne
The bottle spirits come in all sizes, The smallest one I have done was the size of a small science beaker. I am thinking of expanding the bottle spirit line to include tiny bottle spirit pendants that will be beaded with a theme and a little face on them