Monday, January 12, 2009

A Tip to the Wise

Had to share this funny. I recently became interested in the art of Steampunk. It looked like a great way to advance my jewelry and maybe start a new line of products. Well, I went on ETSY looking for the little gears and cogs to use. One person had little canisters of gears for 3.99 each. I looked at the pictures and said great these are exactly what I want. I then ordered three canisters. I love to make people say OMG so it was a big surprise when I got the canisters and was saying OMG myself lol. The canisters are a little bigger in diameter than a dime. And each one packed with teeney tiny gadgets. And when I say teeney tiney I mean I could fit three of the gears on my big toenail. My first thought was what in the heck am I going to do with these. But my own gears are working and I will be coming up with Steampunk items and jewelry soon with these gears in them. No matter what the size they were still well worth what I paid and the person was super to work with. She has good prices on her items and if you want to take a look here is her addy The name of the etsy shop is cOveTableCuriOsitIEs.
Stay tuned for my own Steampunk Revolution

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