Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fairie House

I am in several different yahoo groups. On one of the doll groups I'm on ther was a challenge/contest to turn a small bird house into a fairy house. I finished the house the day before yesterday and posted pics yesterday. The house came out very nice and I just may have to do another one soon. I used pot pourri and gemstone beads for the leafy roof, twigs on the side of the house along with cinammon sticks. I got some small gravel type rocks and created a walkway and rock garden. This proved to be the biggest challenge. I quickly found out that in order to have the walkway and garden look right I had to place each stone one by one. Very time consuming but at times beneficial when I had a migraine as concentrating only on the rocks helped to reduce the migraine. I used three large pine cones at the back of the house and small pine cones at the front for trees. Added some small dried flowers and larger rocks and a beaded tiger eye pendant for the window and it was done.

I think it came out very well and so far everyone seems to love it. I do think there will be more of these in the future.

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