Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dis and Dat

Well it's getting closer to the time for my bottle spirit class to start on classheaven.com I am waiting eagerly. All that is left is to take pictures and fine tune my tutorial and it will be ready. I am also planning on other classes I may do on that site. Even though the fairy house I did was my first one I really enjoyed making it. Even the 6 hours it took placing pebbles on there one by one so there weren't any gaps lol. I'm now thinking of more houses and have bought several wood pieces at Michael's to use for them. I think I will have each one a different theme. The next one may be a Fairy Beach House theme with a two story house. I have shells and beads and even some beach glass I can use. I may take pictures as I go along on this one and if it comes out well maybe do it for a class also. But I will iron out all the ""wrinkles"" so that every thing will be easy to read and follow.

I also have plans for a possible wrap doll class and an altered stuffed animal or doll class. I would like to be able to show people what they can make from things they have around the house and how different just a little bit of work can make them look.

I will also be doing an altered bottle class that will be be more advanced than the original bottle spirit class. More techniques such as simple beading and using more materials.

Down the line I may do beading classes but I'm not sure on that one. I used to do beading classes on one of the MSN groups and it was not easy. It is hard to tell people what they are doing wrong when you don't have pics. But we shall see.

Well that's it for now. Stay tuned for late breaking news as you never know what I will come up with next.

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Gail Lackey said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and the well wishes, it's greatly apprieciated!! Good luck with your classes they look like they'ed be alot of fun!
hapyy hauntings, Gail