Friday, January 16, 2009


My husband went to Michael's last night to get me a few more bird houses to play with. I was expecting the small ones, but he brought home two two story houses and said he almost got me a castle.

I'm thinking of doing a Fairy apartment house or Beach house. Will need a bigger base for it since the house is significantly bigger.

Also hoping to play with utee today in preparation for the class I will be doing in February on bottle spirits. I think I will also think seriously on a fairy house class as a mixed media class.

On my yahoo group we are starting a Wicked challenge. Everyone is to make something in mixed media with a Wicked/Oz/Tin Man theme. It should be a lot of fun. I'm bouncing between an Elphaba bottle spirit or a cloth doll. We shall see.

Now that Christmas is finally over and the tree is down I can move all my supply boxes back into the living room where I can get to them easily and start seeing what I have and what I may need for the forseeable future. Need to look for an appropriate bug stuffed animal for a challenge that the web site The Beadin Path is sponsoring. Each person does a beaded bug then sends it in. The pieces are then put on display in the store in Maine for one month. That piece is due in July so plenty of time to do it.

Other than that same old same old, different day different ideas brewing and I'm still insane.

Sanity is way overrated.

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