Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well she is finally done and fairly good pictures have been taken. I need to practive with camera but I have found I get much better pics outside than inside.

Elphaba was formed on an old liquor bottle using fiberfill coated with hot UTEE. Her face is from an art doll mold and hand painted and beaded. I then added beads all over the bottle for accent. For the stopper I didnt have the right size cork for the bottle so I glued two small corks together and painted the bottom half black and coated the top half with UTEE. Then glued a glass bead to the top. The shoes are a pair of doll shoes with 5 layers of glitter paint on each shoe. I also made the broom and the hat myself.

Elphaba is the first bottle spirit to have ""accessories"" and I think she came out quite well.


Stepping off the edge said...

she is Beee-UUUU-tiful!!
Pic came out great! love the shoes!
Liq. bottle - hmmmm - and I'm still packing! hee hee hee.

Melissa Haren said...

I just joined the MixedMediaMischiefMakers group and found your blog in the list. This piece is amazing!

RecreationalArt said...

I absolutely lUV your Elphalba!! She is stunning