Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well February was a long month even in it's shortness. March brought lots of surprises. Apparently my Karma hit the jackpot at the start of tax season. The company my husband works for changed ownership, and when the new company took over they messed up my husband's W-4 form. So they had him listed as single all year long. Because of that we hit the lottery on our tax refund. Replaced my computer and replaced the 400 disc dvd changer that had died a year ago. Was able to get a good bit of art supplies stocked up for upcoming projects and/or classes. And hubby got a new TV.

Also a dear friend advised me to check on line about Circuit City's extended warranties on one of the dvd players I have that had started freezing up. Thanks to her I'm getting back the purchase price of the dvd even though Circuit City had closed all its stores.

Another dear friend is sending me a bunch of vintage jewelry that she didnt want to keep around and all I had to do was pay postage. Lots of beady goodies to play with when it gets here.

Finished my Elphaba Bottle Spirit that I did for the Wicked challenge on my mixed media group and will be posting photo as soon as the rain stops so I can take outside shots. I'm also hoping to get a good enough picture to submit Elphaba to Art Doll Quarterly. We will see what happens.

About to start a Wonderland Challenge that will be due in 2 months. No bottle spirits this time thought. Im trying to do a plaque or shadow box representing the Crystal Continuum in The Looking Glass Wars. I bought a Sherry Goshon face mold and that will be in the center of the plaque and surrounded by beach glass and glass pebbles. Definitely different from things I have done in the past.

So Karma has been high so far this month and hopefully will continue to be.

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di from di-did-it said...

Three cheers for good karma! May it last a very long time.

Your Wonderland Challenge sounds intriguing.... looking forward to seeing it in a couple months.